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Mono Lake Committee

David is a member of the Mono Lake Committee. They are a non-profit organization working to protect the Mono Basin for generations to come.

David Shedlarz Photography is conscience of the toll it takes on our earth to travel the globe, bringing these images home to you.  We are committed to giving a portion of our sales to support conservation efforts both at home and abroad.

We support several organizations, including:

A Living Tribute

US National Forests - Helping to replant and restore our National Forests.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This organization is best known for its Orphans’ Project work rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned infant elephants but do much more to protect Africa’s wildlife and preserve habitats for the future of all wild species in Kenya.

Feeding America

A US Hunger Organization-We have committed to donate 15% of our proceeds from the YJ Contemporary “Winter in New Zealand” show to Feeding America.  These unprecedented times have created food insecurity across our country.

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