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Matriarchs - Framed by Windows and Doors by David Shedlarz


This compilation of dignified women, framed by doorways and windows, was collected from Cuba, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India serving to commemorate the 3-year period prior to the onset of the 2020 global pandemic.

matriarchs - dodho.jpg

Interview with David Shedlarz; Published in our print edition #12


The gear used on this trip was the Phase One XF Camera, IQ3 Digital Back, and several Schneider-Kreuznach lenses including the 28mm which I used to capture unique portraiture including the boxer and the farmers.

Through the Eyes of the Streets in South by David Shedlarz


Dodho Magazine published David’s “Through The Eyes of the Streets in South, Southeast Asia” project.


David Shedlarz's Story


An evolution through Phaseone Digital Backs. From Capture to Exhibition with David Shedlarz and Josef Blazar” presented by Digital Transitions.


Issue 12 - Dodho Magazine


David is honored to have his image “Blue Man” featured on the cover of the print edition of Dodho, an independent, highly respected international professional photography magazine.



Color Awards 2023 by Dodo Magazine


“Blue Man” was selected as one the top 25 color images of 2023 and “Wrapping Turban” was a finalist in the competition.  Blue Man will be presented on their website for a year and have a prominent place in the Color Book of 2023. Check out the winners and finalists here.  

wrapping turban.jpeg
ipa hon men 2023.png

International Photography Awards 2023


The annual International Photography Awards (@iphotoawards) recognized 3 images in the professional categories.  "Night at the Museum" received Honorable Mention in the Special Night-Photography category, "Essence" received Official Selection in People-Lifestyle and "Against the Wind" received Official Selection in the Special-Travel/Wanderlust category.

Siena International Photo Awards 2022


An international competition boasting one of the highest participation rates, with nearly 48,000 entries from 156 different countries in 2020, offered 11 different categories in 2022 and continues to grow in prestige.  Three of my images reached final consideration in the professional category and received Honorable Mention awards.

Father and Son.jpg

International Photography Awards 2022


The International Photography Awards (@iphotoawards) conducts an annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive photo competitions in the world today. Ten images were recognized with 3 reaching final considerations and awarded Honorable Mention. See images below.

IPA One Shot - Color Competition 2022


Three of David’s images have been given the recognition of “Official Selection” in the International Photo Awards One Shot Color Competition 2022.


Monochrome International Black and White Photography Awards 2021 - Portrait


Honorable Mention for "Bike Shop", "Cuban Gentleman" and "Praying Hands" in the Professional Portrait Category.  

Monochrome International Black and White Photography Awards 2021 - Landscape


Honorable Mention for "Mountain Mood", "Lighthouse at Nugget Point", "Jetty at Dusk" and "Tasman Morning"  in the Professional Landscape Category.

Train is Coming!-Hanoi.jpg

“Train is Coming!” received an Honorable Mention in the NYC4PA


The awards were judged by Traer Scott, an award-winning photographer, and best-selling author.

LensCulture Competition Gallery for the B&W Photography Awards 2021


“Praying Hands” has been selected for the LensCulture Competition Gallery for the B&W Photography Awards 2021.

This is a highly curated group of images that have been selected by the editors to showcase only the best photos from the entries. This is a prestigious honor and I wanted to share it with you!

Praying Hands-Siem Reap.jpg
Munnar Mountain Tea.India.jpg
Nanpu Bridge-Shanghai.jpg

NYC4PA Competition-Wandering Curves 2021


Wandering Curves 2021 was juried by Stephen Perloff, Founder and Editor of The Photo Review.

Two of David’s images were chosen as Juror Selections: Munnar Mountain Tea and Nanpu Bridge

NYC4PA - Street Photography 2020


Street Photography 2020 was juried by Michael Itkoff, artist and co-founder of Daylight Books.

Three of David’s images were recognized.  “Blue Dreaming” and “Into the Light” were chosen as Juror’s Selections and “Beggin’” received an Honorable Mention.

David-Shedlarz-Morocco-P0003681-Oct 18 2



SE Center for Photography Portrait Exhibition


“Barber” has been chosen for the SE Center for Photography Portrait Exhibition.

Juried by Michael Foley, there is an opening reception between 6-8 pm on December 3, 2021. The exhibition will run through December.

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