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The Photographer

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The Photographer

"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like; it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are"

Paul Caponigro


As a photographer, I am most at home when immersed in the energy of a city.  This is where I capture images which are real, vibrant, and unscripted.  This is where I can memorialize the universal emotions of the moment, making the world a smaller, friendlier place.

I am moved when I see people from all walks of life performing everyday activities in their native environments.  I seek to capture human emotions and dignity in environmental portraits, sharing a fleeting moment.  One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was from a street musician in NYC who said, upon sharing his portraits, "The hard road I've lived shows in every photo".  

Each of my images is captured with permission from people willing to tell their stories. So many people are happy to share that unique moment. There is little to compare with the emotions experienced when turning the camera around to share the captured image. The smile, the proud reflection, the thumbs up, the respectful nod are all moments I get to share with the subject. That part is for us. That is also the connection that I hope to share with others as they experience my work.

I am also captivated by the beautiful, awe-inspiring landscape and cityscape opportunities around the world.  There is nothing more personally satisfying than experiencing a magnificent scene whether it be a sunrise, sunset, cityscape or star laden sky anywhere around the world.  These vistas simply take my breath away, seeping into my heart.  Capturing the essence and sharing the feeling through imagery is the challenge.  I hope you feel the connection to the authenticity that I present you, the viewer. 

The Equipment

I use state of the art photographic equipment yielding a truly unique photographic capability allowing a maximum level of creativity, exceptional image quality, color rendition, contrast, texture and detail.

In my bag


Phase One medium format IQ4 150 mega pixel

✔ Phase One medium format IQ4 150 megapixel Achromatic

✔ XF Camera with Schneider Kreuznach lenses

Phase One XT camera with Rodenstock lenses

✔ Leica M11 Camera with Leica Vintage and New Lenses

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