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Shadow Box-Jadhpur-India.jpg

Framed by Windows and Doors

by David Shedlarz

The matriarch.  A symbol of Universal respect.  Individual, yet globally similar. This compilation of dignified women was collected from Cuba, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India serving to commemorate the 3-year period prior to the onset of the 2020 global pandemic.  As a street photographer, I attempt to capture the soul of a place by engaging its people.  I am often drawn to the backstreets where people aren’t accustomed to seeing outsiders.  Curiosity brings them forth, offering gentle smiles, welcoming gestures or wordless appraisals.  The meticulous details, colors and architecture that these street portraits afford tell the stories of the subjects, but also of the places.  Like paintings of the everyday, representing the nuances of life from the homes of the matriarchs around the world.



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