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The Beginning

Havanah at Dusk - Cuba | David Shedlarz Photography
Havanah at Dusk - Cuba

Some of you may know me from my days as a Corporate Executive, but you may not know that I started out as a Fine Arts major in college. My original focus was on painting and I continue to hold painters in the highest esteem- collecting and appreciating the work of both contemporary as well as traditional painters.

My father convinced me to pursue a dual major (apparently concerned about my ability to support myself as an artist). So, Mathematics and Fine Arts became my dual pursuits. For many years, my artistic passions took a backseat to a successful and busy corporate career.

Recently, I have been re inspired by the art of photography. Like most math minded people, I find the technical aspects of photography intriguing. Photography has always been a part of my life, transitioning from film to digital like most folks. My Leica M has been a favorite for some time, but I have always been drawn to medium format. The Phase One IQ4 Camera System has been my “go to” kit in this digital landscape. I started taking photography workshops with the Phase to learn how to use the system.

Cuban Gentleman - Cuba | David Shedlarz Photography
Cuban Gentleman - Cuba

Cuba was my first real immersion experience with the camera (back then it was the IQ3 100). I found myself much less interested in the “organized” shoots, preferring instead true unscripted street photography. This is where my inspiration truly began. I met several photographers on that trip, including Paul Reiffer, who has become a mentor to me. Paul’s tailor-made, private photography expeditions have helped me gain confidence and competence shooting the Phase One Camera System as well as working with the Cambo. He has proven to be an invaluable resource for all things from how to scout a city all the way through editing the images in the Capture One software. He is a natural born, hands on teacher and is generous with his knowledge. Paul’s expertise and contacts in these incredible photographic destinations allow me to be efficient with my time shooting. Because his trips are all inclusive, he takes care of all the details and I can focus on capturing the moment. It’s a world class travel photography workshop experience, focusing on getting the most out of every moment!

Nine Dragon Interchange at Night Shanghai, China | David Shedlarz Photography
Nine Dragon Interchange at Night Shanghai, China

China was my first such experience. Experiencing Shanghai with Paul, who lived there for several years, helped me grasp the technical aspects of capturing cities at night. My first nightscapes are from Shanghai. What I missed in China, however, was capturing people in unscripted moments. Shanghai is changing so drastically and quickly, that it was difficult to find those shots that I tend to gravitate towards.

Woman in Doorway - India | David Shedlarz Photography
Woman in Doorway - India

India seemed like the next logical step! I wanted to capture the colors and energy of the place with the Phase One Camera System. I enjoy using the Phase for street photography. It is a challenge! My street portraits from Cuba were mostly shot hand held with 28 and 110mm lenses. The result being a very close image, focusing on the person alone. In India, I worked on standing back and capturing the scene. The colors and energy are difficult to describe and capturing them is harder still!

Traveling to Vietnam/Cambodia was very emotional for me. I found the people to be warm and welcoming, reminding me that family units essentially want the same things regardless of where in the world you live.

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