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#125 Tuesday’s with David - “Bowman Lake”

#125 Tuesday’s with David - “Bowman Lake”

David’s Insight on Bowman Lake"

This was one of those days that I wondered if it was worth getting out of bed at 3 am. When there is rain in the forecast, it can be good or bad news. Stormy mornings unfold in a myriad of ways. This day began with a bumpy ride on a very dark, unpaved road in a soft, steady rain. Thankfully, we rented a jeep with a hatch that served nicely as an umbrella as the rain drops continued to fall. The heavy cloud cover provided the mood and a long frame average smoothed out the water. The gentle rain drops, and birdsong made for a truly peaceful experience on this mid-summer’s morn. It was worth getting out of bed for!

Turn the sound on to experience the morning with me.

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