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#127 Tuesday’s with David - “Glacier National Park”

#127 Tuesday’s with David - “Glacier National Park”

David’s Insight on Glacier National Park"

Going -to- the- Sun Road, a 50-mile two-way paved road bisects the park in roughly half-East and West. The road was completed in 1932 and requires constant repair due to the difficult conditions that it endures. It was open in June of 2023, but I wonder if it should have been. I was thankful that our car was a rental, let’s put it that way. Best to check on the conditions of the road prior to heading out, at any time of year. In any event, the weather conditions were such that I had to scramble between the gaps in the rain and clouds to get a clear shot of the spectacular scenery. Waiting for the light. This capture, near Logan’s Pass, comes close to portraying the massive scale of the park. This was shot with an XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/32mm at f8, 1/400s with an automated frame average of 1m40s.

David’s Insight on “Glacier National Park"

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