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#131 Tuesday’s with David - “Chalet”

#131 Tuesday’s with David - “Chalet”

David’s Insight on Chalet"

In Wanaka, along the Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road, this quaint vignette with the lake just visible in the distance caught my eye. With grazing sheep along the hillside and the little farm shed in the foreground, it just captures the feeling of the South Island so beautifully. There is a lot to see in this image.  If you look closely at the very top of the hill, there is a woman dressed in white taking in the scenery. Further research confirmed that it is the property of Whare Kea Lodge which was originally a dairy farm in the 1850’s and currently serves as a private retreat and boutique hotel. The lodge cannot be seen from the road and the natural landscape views must be truly spectacular from it. This image, with its subtle but strong colors and warm light, is a perfect candidate for the specialty Dye Transfer printing process. An idyllic scene.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” ~Henry David Thoureau

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