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#132 Tuesday’s with David - “Windswept”

#131 Tuesday’s with David - “Chalet”

David’s Insight on Windswept"

Just up the road from Waipapa Point, the constant and ferocious winds off the South Pacific Ocean have forever altered this little island of trees. Sculpted into surreal and beautiful forms by the hostile environment. Bent but not broken, there are lessons to be learned from this isolated cluster of trees. The area, just under 3,000 miles from the South Pole,  is named Slope Point and these trees were originally planted by local shepherds attempting to provide shelter for their grazing sheep. A 20-minute walk to Te Waipaunamu brings you to the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand.

As Confucius said, “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm”.

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