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#17 Tuesday’s with David - “Praying Hands” Platinum

David’s Insight on “Praying Hands

The bustling and often chaotic energy that is characteristic of the open-air markets in Southeastern Asia can be unnerving for those of us unaccustomed to them. Vendors line the narrow streets, selling fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, street food, specialty items, staples and anything that you can imagine. Customers flood in to haggle for the best price, to meet and greet, and to stroll the market.It is noisy, intimidating, and at times overwhelming to be in the midst of it all.In Siem Reap, Cambodia, this gentle woman offered me a greeting of “Praying Hands” in the middle of this commotion. An intimate moment of connection, truth, sincerely offered to a stranger. It was my honor to capture this profound universal gesture. This timeless portrait deserves a timeless printing technique. Platinum palladium prints are the most durable of all photographic processes.

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