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#34 Tuesday’s with David - “Evening Reflections” Platinum

David’s Insight on “Evening Reflections” Platinum

This willow tree standing in Lake Wanaka, alone except for its own shadow, is quite famous. It typically draws crowds of photographers to the beach in summertime. Bringing needed tourism dollars to the town but also packing the beach, limiting access to the folks that live there, walking the tight rope of balancing the needs of the two. This image was captured in Winter of 2019 (July), quiet and leafless, the lonesome tree stands serenely. Paired with the ancient printing technique using the noble metals, platinum and palladium, this image is timeless. Unfortunately, not long after I captured this shot, a vandal cut off the lower limb of the tree! Was it a disgruntled photographer or a local who had simply had enough?

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