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#4 Tuesdays with David - “Blue Man”

David’s insight on “Blue Man”

As a result of the diplomatic relationship between Cuba and the USA being somewhat restored a few years ago, travel to the Country became possible. As an early visitor, I was privy to explore this beautiful place before any increase in commercialization took place. The people of Havana were at once welcoming and also leery of seeing foreign tourists. Havana is a gorgeous art deco city that has seen tough times. You can imagine what a beautiful city it was in its glory days. Unfortunately, sanctions against the ruling party have really taken their toll. This gentleman was captured in a public square. He was smoking a huge cigar and many of the pictures that were taken that day of this great character included that cigar. Although it is quintessentially Cuba, I was more interested in the great features of his face and the color contrast against the blue wall. This is one of my first street portraits taken with the Phase One camera system. I’ve been hooked ever since!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 07, 2020

“Blue Man “‘ is GREAT and one of my personal favorites.

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