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#46 Tuesday’s with David - “Seamstress”

David’s Insight on “Seamstress”

The narrow and crowded streets of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam are roughly arranged by trades. Dating back hundreds of years, the locally known “36” streets are today a mix of traditional and modern but maintain their charm. These streets were long ago established by the craftsmen of the city and named appropriately-Lantern Street, Shoe Street, Silver Street, Bamboo Street etc. Silk Street is home to the fabric and tailors of Hanoi. Using the Phase One Medium Format Camera system for handheld street portrait photography requires a unique approach. Because the system is conspicuous, oftentimes a direct connection must be made with the subject prior to taking a shot.It can be difficult and time-consuming waiting for that authentic moment to appear, but it is worth it. The resulting captures are full of exquisite detail and tend to feel intimate.

See the video below to get a sense of how difficult it is to practice this on the chaotic streets of the Old Quarter.

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