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#5 Tuesday’s with David - “Lost in Thought” - Platinum

David’s Insight on “Lost in Thought”-Platinum

I was in Delhi, India for only a day and I decided to use my Achromatic Phase One IQ4 back to shoot in the streets.I visited a fruit and vegetable market in the Old City and was immediately swept up in the colors and motion of this incredible city.The streets were crowded with people, vendors, tuk tuks, and animals all moving so quickly that you really had to pay attention or get trampled!Yet, with all this crazy energy around me, I spied this gentleman in a little nook, protected from the chaos of the street.He had found the calm in the storm.His gaze seems to go right through you.This image lends itself to a platinum print because it is as timeless as the platinum process itself.An intimate and poignant portrait.

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