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#9 Tuesday’s with David- “Train is Coming!”

Train Street is home to the 117-year-old functioning railway that divides homes and cafes in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It has become a wildly popular tourist attraction and Instagram “Selfie” spot. The cafes set out tables along the tracks to serve customers. When the train rambles through, roughly on a schedule, shopkeepers move everything off the tracks and people move aside to let it pass. Unfortunately, its popularity has made it dangerous. There are only 5-10 feet of space on either side of the tracks for people to move out of harm’s way as the train passes. See video below for a real time feel of what it was like to capture the moment!

Train street has recently been closed to all tourism with the sidewalks being barricaded and people forbidden to loiter. A cool novelty became a safety hazard.You can no longer capture this image of this iconic street.

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