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Delhi in Black & White

I was in Delhi for one day shooting on the street and I decided to commit to shooting the Phase One Achromatic IQ4 150mp digital back camera. Taking the color out of a vibrant city like Delhi leaves you with the raw reality that it is. It highlights the moods and patterns of this gritty city and allows you to see beyond the obvious, generating timeless images. Sharing the images with my subjects is truly rewarding in India, where the people are approachable and honored to be selected.

"Outbound" & Behind the scenes of "Outbound"


Behind the scenes of "Milkman"

"Vendor" & Behind the scenes of "Vendor"

In Jodhpur, the “Blue City” of India, I captured a couple of powerful images with the Phase One IQ4 150mp digital back camera. After converting both to black and white with Capture One 20, I found that I prefer one in color and the other in black and white. “Contrast”, shown below, I like better in color. The image is about the relationship between father and son, but also about the shop. A recent phenomenon in India is that the younger generation no longer want what their parents have. This shop most likely will not be passed on to the next generation, so the capture represents both the subjects and the setting. I think that the color version encompasses this contrast better.

"Contrast" color version & "Contrast" Black & White

"Veiled" in color & "Veiled" in Black & White

Whereas in the capture above, “Veiled”, of a female construction worker in full dress, I prefer in black and white. Eliminating all of the distractions really allows you to focus on the image differently. Her slight smile beneath the veil and her pose exude a confidence and strength that is palpable. I believe that the sentiment comes through louder in black and white.

For more black and white images of my recent trip, please see the new Gallery section titled “Southern Asia”. Please see the black and white section of the store for NEW offerings!

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