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Platinum Palladium Prints - New Partnership with Martin Axon

Cuban Gentleman Platinum

Cuban Gentleman Black & White

I have recently partnered up with Martin Axon, to produce my black and white photographs printed in the historical Platinum Palladium printing process. A mixture of two time lines, the very latest digital technology in photography, the Phase One camera system, which I use to capture the image and the platinum process, which dates from the 1880’s, to make the final print as it was then. Martin is a master printer with over 30 years of experience in platinum palladium printing. I have hand selected several of my black and white images that I think benefit the most from this age-old process to create a special final product. I’ve leaned towards the historical preservation of people, places and times soon to pass.

Each print is hand coated and printed on Arches Platine 100% cotton archival paper.

Subtle tones, velvet blacks and glowing whites are the hallmark of this process. The metals used, Platinum and Palladium are called “Noble Metals” and are inert, lasting forever. They sit on the surface of the paper, permanently attaching to its fibers. This technique creates the most permanent images on paper possible which sets it apart from printing with Silver Gelatin.

Waterfront Living copyright David Shedlarz

The platinum printing process expands the mid tone greys that are unobtainable in Silver prints.

Praying Hands

Copyright David Shedlarz

These images will be offered in one size only, printed by Martin Axon and framed by Laumont Studio in NYC.

Available for purchase in the store beginning on May 20, 2019.

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